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Every Child Needs a Champion

Every Child Needs a Champion: I have spent my entire life either at the schoolhouse, on the way to the schoolhouse, or talking about what happens in the schoolhouse. Both my parents were educators, my maternal grandparents were educators, and for the past 40 years, I’ve done the same thing. And so, needless to say,…

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How to Benefit from Quran

How to Benefit from Quran. If you truly want to benefit from the Qur’an, your heart must be attentive and alert when reciting it or listening to it. Listen to it carefully with presence of mind, paying attention to it as if Allah Himself was speaking to you directly. Understand that this Qur’an is an…

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Homosexuality not Human Right but Moral Disease

Homosexuality  not Human Right but Moral  Disease. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Muhammad Ahmad Al Thayyib, visited Jakarta for the first time on Monday to further enhance cooperation with Indonesia in promoting moderate Islam. The Jakarta Post’s editor-in-chief Endy M. Bayuni and reporter Anggi M. Lubis interviewed him on various matters, ranging…

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Baiti Jannati, My House is My Heaven

Baiti Jannati, My house is my heaven, so the Messenger of God inspire us to build positive imagination about our homes. Not a house in the physical sense, but the house in the inner meaning and significance sky. Imagination positive about our homes, it will bear a positive impression and perception. And impressions and positive…

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The Biggest Mandate of Islamic Education

The Biggest Mandate of Islamic Education. Does God negligent when predetermine a person’s biological maturity at the age of 13-15 years and at the same time have fallen all syar’i obligations, not just the ritual of worship, but also jihad, livelihood and other social obligations? Is the Prophet negligent when to marry Usamah bin Zaid…

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Fitrah Based Education #5

Fitrah Based Education #5. What is left of a household or family with no educational activities in it? Is our house only a vacuum where to eat and sleep as well (sorry) bathing and toileting? As Quraan will illuminate our homes to read and explore, then a household or family with educational activities will also…

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Fitrah Based Education #3

Fitrah Based Education #3. Surely no-one children who pray and hope was born into the world in a state of naughty and nasty. If you could see the cruel faces terrible children and adolescents who brawl, or look at the face glazed and blank stares children depression and drug addicts, or see the souls adolescent…

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