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Special Choices – by Patrick J. Wolf

Nine school voucher programs in seven states specifically provide choice for families with disabled children (see sidebar). In Florida, for example, more than 22,000 students with disabilities receive McKay Scholarships to attend private schools at a per-student cost to the government that averaged $7,220 in 2010–11. But what about the private schools that participate in…

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Menjaga Fitrah Belajar Anak

Pendidikan Membangkitkan INSIDE OUT Nampaknya memang sulit memahamkan para pembuat kebijakan pendidikan di negeri ini bahwa pendidikan adalah upaya membangkitkan INSIDE OUT potensi-potensi kodrat atau fitrah, baik kodrat manusia (bakat, nalar, spiritual, moral), kodrat alam (local advantage, bio diversity dll) maupun kodrat kehidupan (local wisdom, social reality dll) dan sistem kehidupan atau agama yang diyakini.…

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Barang Siapa Menempuh Jalannya, Maka Dia Akan Sampai Kepada Tujuannya

Setiap Anak Adalah Unik Jangan kaget jika anda mendengar atau melihat ada bayi atau balita yang bisa diajarkan kalkulus yang biasanya diajarkan pada mahasiswa semester akhir. Jangan heran jika ada anak balita yang mampu menghafal satu halaman hanya melihat sepintas beberapa detik, bahkan menghafal alQuran sebelum usia 3 tahun. Juga jangan takjub jika ada balita…

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A cure for blindness, in your smartphone

A cure for blindness, in your smartphone. A smartphone app developed by Peek Vision (Portable Eye Examination Kit) has been used in Kenya, Botswana and India to test patients who would otherwise find getting proper eye care difficult. There are 39 million blind people in the world, and in low-income countries, 80% of blindness is…

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Health tech for people who need it most

Health tech for people who need it most. But Fitbits aren’t particularly useful if you’re homeless, and the nutrition app won’t mean much to someone who struggles to pay for groceries. Same for emailing your doctor if you don’t have a doctor or reliable internet access. “There is a disconnect between the problems of those…

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Juno probe is orbiting Jupiter

The Juno team cheered and hugged. The probe had to conduct a tricky maneuver to slow down enough to allow it to be pulled into orbit: It fired its main engine for 35 minutes, effectively hitting the brakes to slow the spacecraft by about 1,212 miles per hour (542 meters per second). “NASA did it…

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Giant spacecraft nears Jupiter

The Hubble Space Telescope captured an image of a hidden galaxy that is fainter than Andromeda or the Milky Way. This low surface brightness galaxy, called UGC 477, is located over 110 million light-years away in the constellation of Pisces. On April 19, NASA released new images of bright craters on Ceres. This photo shows…

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