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Dolphins Torture in the Name of Education And Conservation

Dolphins Torture in the Name of Education and Conservation. The circus would have been nice, what more if the circus featuring animals that usually live far away from us, become intimately and very friendly. One of them is the circus that displays intelligence and agility of dolphins, mammals that live in the ocean should be…

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Why Math Unpopular

Why Math Unpopular. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget said first that explores the fact that children pass through different stages in their learning can reach these stages at different ages. But every child goes through a phase similar to the same sequence. That’s the key! Why all this time mathematics include subjects that are not attracted…

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Educate Your Children Appropriate Disposition

Educate your children appropriate disposition. Islam was simple, but because of its simplicity it becomes so complicated for many people, so a cleric said. Islam is a religion of nature, of simple and lightweight nature for those who are still awake. The simplicity of nature, of course complicated when dealing with obsession and lust, when dealing…

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Islamic Educating Women

Islamic Educating Women. The imposition of strict public moral codes on women is yet another indicator from the transformation of Islamic education into religious education ; women were forbidden to go to places of learning for example madāris (plural of madrasah) and mosques albeit women formally and informally transmitted the culture on their offspring along…

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How to escape educations death valley

How to escape educations death valley. Hi, do you know what videos I like most since 2006? Sir Ken Robinson video! What is she talking about education today so dear to the heart. Very realistic. This is what it’s supposed to be educational, like what is presented Sir Ken Robinson. I took this video from…

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Separation of Philosophy and Pedagog

Separation of Philosophy and Pedagog. Nasr (1982) criticizes Muhammad Iqbal (1877–1938) along with other “modernist” Islamists with regard to comprehending “Greek philosophy with the eye of their contemporary Traditional american interpreters” as well as, hence, separating Islam through philosophy. With regard to Rahman (“Islam : A good Summary, ” withinside The actual Encyclopedia associated with Religion,…

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Islamic Education versus Religious Education

Islamic Education versus Religious Education. Driven by Qurʿānic dictum, “Read inside the title from the Creator … that trained the actual individual, al insan from the pen” (ninety six : 1–4), meaning that to learn is actually to find out and also to become guided from the Guide, Islamic training developed using this type of thorough…

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