Baiti Jannati, My House is My Heaven

Baiti Jannati, My house is my heaven, so the Messenger of God inspire us to build positive imagination about our homes. Not a house in the physical sense, but the house in the inner meaning and significance sky.

Imagination positive about our homes, it will bear a positive impression and perception. And impressions and positive perception will bring a positive attitude towards life and our world. On the contrary, the perception will bear bad attitude.

That our children, the world is in their eyes how they perceive their homes, perceive their fathers, mothers perceive them, and all that is in the house.

Children who are irritable, harsh on others is because a lot of anger and rudeness in their homes, the children are lovingly of neighbor are children whose home filled with love. Children who easily throw garbage on the street, do not keep themselves from unclean is their home too.

The house is the garden and the gates of civilization that brought our children to the role of civilization with as noble morals. When his house better then collectively let their civilization later. As good as the good guys in the real world is the most excellent of the family and household.

When born a lot of the best people for the household, the better our world. When the world is now dingy, rundown, dirty, fake, imitation and artificial beauty, perhaps so did a portrait of our most households.

This is my heaven

This is my heaven

When the world and sosmed full of slander and hatred, slander and hatred then certainly there in their homes. When no sharpening, compassion and foster social life outside the home, then certainly our homes devoid of grindstones, and foster compassion.

Hell on earth and hell hereafter, it starts from hell house collectively. Paradise and heaven hereafter, also really starting from heaven home collectively.

Heaven is a beautiful park, that house which prefigured the Prophet Muhammad with Heaven-ku. So we should house is like a beautiful garden and full of love.

Then imagine a garden is a place of colorful flowers growing. So our children are beautiful flowers civilization shape, color fragrance, petals, stems is unique. And no words can describe the imagination of an interest than love and sincerity.

Then become farmers flowers in the garden, which sow, nurture nature flowers with love and sincerity, relaxed and consistent, and focused (patient and persistent), according to the potential of existing nature. Farmers flower garden is not a uniform plantation growers and production menggegas but damage the soil and plants in the long term.

If civilization is a great garden of life where different nations, different cultures, different wisdom and religion, a variety of biodiversity, a variety of colors and languages ​​that God is destined to live on it. So our house is actually a miniature civilization.

So bear in mind both good that the world civilization starts from our homes civilization. And our homes civilization civilization started from the education of our children. And civilization that we make today is civilization as we prepare for our grandchildren someday.

Do not let the prayers and the good of our children and grandchildren is lost as we prepare for the civilization that bad for them, because we are inattentive to run the education of civilization in our homes.

Ref: Bekti Hermawan | Rumah Akal Foundation