The Biggest Mandate of Islamic Education

The Biggest Mandate of Islamic Education. Does God negligent when predetermine a person’s biological maturity at the age of 13-15 years and at the same time have fallen all syar’i obligations, not just the ritual of worship, but also jihad, livelihood and other social obligations?


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Is the Prophet negligent when to marry Usamah bin Zaid ra, a young friend of the Prophet when the age of retirement, when Osama was 14 years old? Is the Prophet negligent when assigning Usamah bin Zaid ra led 10000 troops to Tabuk, when Osama was 16 years old?

Secondly it is not the habit of the Arabs before Islam.

It is the educational output of the Prophet, education aqilbaligh generation (maturity) that is passed from generation to generation after the death of the Prophet for almost a hundred years later in 1400. Osama is not the only one getting education aqilbaligh generation (maturity) by the Prophet. There are hundreds of other young companions.

Is Islamic history negligent noted it all? No. History records many Islamic youth in their teens have had a role in the stage of civilization in his day, has had the role of social role and spread the benefits of grace.

Imam Shafi’i rahimahullah, has become a mufti (fatwa maker) at the age of 16 years, with works that much we know. Alkhawarizmi has been a professor of mathematics inventor of diverse ways of thinking structured, including the algorithm, at the age of 18 years. Muhammad Alfatih has been a commander with open city Constantinople at the age of 19 years, Ibn Battuta started his scientific expedition at the age of 15 years, and so forth.

Even to the 20th century we know of young combatants dozen years of brilliant and enlightened in their teens, such as Hasan al Bana, KH Ahmad Dahlan, M Natsir, Buya Hamka, and so on.

What is the meaning of it all?

The meaning is that true education is education that accompany our children to evoke the nature of faith, the nature of the potential of its own unique, appropriate disposition of developmentally age, to be able to accept the obligations of sharia and had roles civilization, just as when they were Baligh (maturity ) 14-15 years. That’s the biggest mandate of Islamic education.

Are there Islamic educational institutions have a strategic mindset like that today? Pandidikan Islam is not an Islamic religious education, but education confined AqilBaligh generation (maturity), generations of civilization illuminated the world.

Anyway, sorry, what’s the point if the study Islamic religion was never born aqilbaligh generation who are able to accept the obligations of Sharia and have roles with the civilization of noble character who sow mercy to the universe, as they were meant to be.

Let us design and run civilization education for our children – generation -generasi civilization aqilbaligh (maturity).