Each Child is Different Even from the Same Womb

Each Child is Different Even from the Same Womb.

If you have several children, then consider the good either, that even though they had been in the same womb, from the same father and mother, born in the same hospital, even identical twins born equal, but they actually never be the same. They have unique and distinct peculiarities. Not only physical characteristics but also the nature of luggage each.

Until whenever a brother will never be his brother, and a sister never be his brother. Our children will never be a second version of another person unless we force him to make her suffer for denying his identity.

Remember that one will not be maximized if it is forced into or undergo anything that is not him. How foolish asking the horse into fish, fish have become a bird, forcing the birds to a horse. Have we ever prayed so that our children be like other people’s children?

God will not be pleased to grant our prayers, because what would happen if the horse prayed to become a fish, it will be born a strange creature (not unique) is not great even to be horrible or ridiculous.

Know ye that every child is unique. So do not ever force our children to imitate others, telling them such as a neighbor’s child, every day greatness lectured the children of others. Does that mean obsessive do for our children?

Are we who created our children so we know what our children should be in the future? Is not Allah who created them, even we do not know the specific purpose of creation of our children, our children what specific mission on earth? Our job is simply to accompany them in finding, recognizing and maintaining nature, including the nature of his unique talent or potential.

Therefore, in truth there is no one kurikulumpun suitable for all schools, even suitable for everyone.

Each educational unit should even have a distinctive curriculum that educational unit, let alone a national curriculum is not merely lip service called local content.

Each child even require personalized education related to the potential and unique character as well as the “curriculum vitae” they respectively.

Know that there is not a miracle drug (one magic medicine) for all kinds of diseases, there is not even one nutrient composition suitable for everyone.

Anyone who tries to dictate would be dictator. How KHD genius who put the country just driving, as Tut Wuri Handayani and acting teacher as guardian.

How wise Prophet Muhammad who did not leave the curriculum for everyone, but enough to make a guide for everyone to align the guide with his potential and unique character of each in order to enhance the glory and moral.

So really what would be repaired on the national curriculum, but left it and then create their own personal curriculum for our own children who are different from other children? Because every child is so special.


by Bekti Hermawan | Harry Santosa | Rumah Akal Foundation