Do not Kill the Child’s Potential

Do not Kill the Child’s Potential. Each child has their own talent. Parents in charge of looking at development. While at home with them, we can make the atmosphere like in school. We can also work together with their teachers, so as to create a program that could challenge their intellect. This step can indicate our response to the educational and emotional needs of our children.


And remember! This step will blossom “boundless energy” our children in order to support the growth characteristics of smart kids: Have a great move energy; Quick to learn and have a good memory; Like to question authority; Sensitive feelings; Liked puzzles, challenges, and figures; Looks more mature than her age; Having a sense of compassion towards people or animals; Glad to try new ways to solve problems; Prefers to associate with people who are more mature; Easily bored; Showed great intellectual curiosity; Having a lot of vocabulary, showed great interest in the sense of the words, or was able to read his own without prompting.

Mathematical reasoning ability is the ability of the higher brain, and that is why it is not easy to develop the ability to reason. It took a long and continuous training so that tendrils of mathematical reasoning in the brain can grow and intertwine with each other firmly.

Unfortunately, many people in Indonesian society who have the wrong notion about math, and encourage the development of attitudes and actions are wrong to mathematics. General logic embraced by the people of Indonesia, “If something is easy, it means something right! If something is difficult, then it is definitely something wrong! “Because of the heavy mathematics learning, learning math is wrong! Because no light to study mathematics, not learn math is correct! In conclusion, those who do not learn mathematics are correct!

So, instead of exerting more effort and more time to hang something heavy, instead mostly prefer to choose a total retreat from something heavy. Collective result is that many Indonesian people are only able to do light tasks and stutter and fail in tasks heavier, ie tasks that require higher reasoning ability.

Hopefully our study is capable of opening SECOND DAY reason our children with better. Let us consider today’s lesson with “boundless energy” because soon we will enter the world of arithmetic facts and not merely a theory on how to master math.

Teach our children why they need math in every second of his life. After we give you understanding why kids need math in his life, the next step we have to consider are: ease of use makes sense to support the learning that we expect.

Do not think too complicated. Its intended use “reasonable” here is our cleverness as a parent to give a strategic move to raise “boundless energy” in mastering a mathematical concepts.

By Bekti Hermawan | Rumah Akal Foundation