Dolphins Torture in the Name of Education And Conservation

Dolphins Torture in the Name of Education and Conservation. The circus would have been nice, what more if the circus featuring animals that usually live far away from us, become intimately and very friendly. One of them is the circus that displays intelligence and agility of dolphins, mammals that live in the ocean should be free.

“Somewhat surprisingly,” or indeed surprising yes our education is.

Today (04/07/2016) agenda circus watching dolphins in the field Rampal Malang, Indonesia incorporated into the curriculum impromptu. The reason is as a teaching school students of the city of Malang. Ticket prices which should have been trimmed so Rp 35,000 to Rp 15,000 school children and their families.

Is it true that school children had a chance to learn about the dolphins in the middle of the fray spectators and blazing sun? Is this true for education or business mandate alone?

Guess itself. To me, education above the prolonged suffering of the dolphins, not a wise educational media.



There are so many sad stories of animals used as material for circuses around the world, especially in Indonesia alone. As reported by the, there are lots of dolphins torture committed by the organizer of the circus, for example PT. Wersut Seguni Indonesia and several other companies.

The dolphins are deliberately made hungry. Yes, it is certainly often times you can see, when the handler giving food to a dolphin that obey the handler. When the show was, the organizers They did not hesitate to use force if these dolphins.

Not only that, the cruelty is also done when the circus had to travel around from one place to another. Have you ever thought how the organizers of transporting dolphins are cute?

Apparently, they are trucked dark cramped, stuffy and noisy. Noise caused by trucks and planes that transport them, could make damage sonar system is a communication tool dolphins. Dolphins even hear many sounds caused by human beings.

They also never saw again how the crystal clear sea water Indonesia and even the loss of family and friends. In fact, dolphins are the types of animals that live in groups in the oceans.

Practice this circus has also been criticized by many parties. They speak out through social media so that all parties can be heard. In fact, there is a special Facebook account who wants dolphin circus is stopped, which accounts Indonesian Dolphin Close Down Traveling Circus.

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