Educate Your Children Appropriate Disposition

Educate your children appropriate disposition. Islam was simple, but because of its simplicity it becomes so complicated for many people, so a cleric said. Islam is a religion of nature, of simple and lightweight nature for those who are still awake.

The simplicity of nature, of course complicated when dealing with obsession and lust, when dealing with people who are not sure of the nature or God’s creation.

Simplicity of nature is also complicated when advised to those who do not besyukur over the gifts God has given. When you meet them in a hurry and was always lacking above all the grace and provision of God.

Think about it, not Allah swt has installed all the nature of the good in our children?

Look, since the nature of faith, the nature of learning, the nature of talent, the nature of leadership, character development to the nature that exists outside of it, all given Allah for his lunch on a mission or role as caliph, imaroh, priests and worship.

Not only that even Allah has inspired in the chest parents educate wisdom wisdom every day. Providing events every day to be addressed wisely and dug a lesson with the children.

My God has taught me that my character be a good thing.

Educate children in Islam is real simple, we just need to accompany that the existing good nature to our children can be awakened and made aware naturally, through positive images about God, about himself, about nature, about society and so on. Then proceed by example and mentoring the next stage.

Unfortunately, many people who want to become a god, feel the gift of God’s nature less, felt it was too simple nature, our children feel weak creatures, like a blank paper that needs to be written as much as possible, arbitrarily formed. They create a uniform standard of education.

Many feel that every child has the nature of development, so that children digegas and crammed with something that was not yet time. They believed in the golden stage only at the age of five, when each stage of development is the golden age, all follow the laws. Even Prophet Muhammad more brilliant at the height of his age when he was 40 years old.

Many feel that every child has the nature of learning, so children are forced and digegas study like hell for something that is not yet the time.

For example, how many infants are taught a foreign language prior to completion of his mother tongue? How many primary school children are encouraged Olympics and that, when learning is not to master as much as possible, but it’s getting to be herself.

Many thought that every child did not have any talent, but plainly see that every child has unique traits. They menggegas his sons, according molds made with 10000 hours of rigorous training formula, then so be appropriate mold. Like a circus monkeys were trained to show his coach likes it.

Though the child’s talents are innate nature, that’s the call of his life, the role of its civilization, its specific role as a vicegerent on earth who would be held accountable in the hereafter.

Many thought, every child is not born along with the nature of faith. They indoctrinate faith like those taught knowledge. Yet faith is not knowledge, but the growing awareness of the knowledge only helps illuminate it. How many people know much Islam but not growing awareness and enlightened?

Let Ayah Bunda, let educators civilization, we woke nature-based education, raise awareness of the nature of education of our children. So that our children grow up to nature, according what God wants.

Nothing changed on the nature of God, except the distorted and buried deep. For those who distort the nature of it then it will not get better, but it is bad. We do not need anything except the curriculum roadmap and frame-based nature of children’s education.

Let us accompany our children to maintain and nurture their innate nature. So that we are able to account for the nature of this good before God someday. We are not the one who created them, but it is God Who created them. Stop obsessing and stop being a god.

Is not nature that is the reality? So true education is a nature-based education.