Fitrah Based Education #1

Fitrah Based Education #1. Actually, only the 2nd most parents who know the potential distinctiveness of their children. From there the characteristics of both developed and refined with noble character. 2nd parent was the one being the most sincere love with his children. Parents true that those who want happiness of her children were growing more anything on earth.

The world’s schooling of a world that never contain our children, ill never give birth to our children not even been given the mandate by Allah for a moment as well, because the schooling is not the world that can really know and love children we have honestly and sincerely.

Are not our children is the greatest argument and especially why we are on this earth? They are as a mandate to educate generations of civilization to a more peaceful world as well as a mandate that will boast Ummat Muhammad in yaumilqiyamah later.

Building a “home education” is not optional but a necessity for each parent, the amount of time and quality of attention should be much more even remove the amount of schooling.

Unfortunately a lot of parents who assume the necessity of educating is over when there are children in school full-time as well as in the training institutions. Conversations about education ie conversation about ranking, diploma, academic achievement and school assignments are brought to the residence, is not about increasing the bounty of nature which our children have.

Let’s return the nature of the role of parents authenticity, genuineness benefits of shelter, education genuineness, authenticity of our children. Do not ever change the nature of authenticity it all because the actual cause various crises and destruction of the environment in the face of the earth.


by Bekti Hermawan | Harry Santosa | Rumah Akal Foundation