Fitrah Based Education #2

Fitrah Based Education #2. Actual future educate our children are not old. It only lasts until the age AqilBaligh (maturity, age 14 -15 years). A reply brief period, a period that only a quarter of our age – the parents – if God gave ration of 60 years.

Whereas children and descendants of the pious will ensure happiness in the hereafter our infinite future. Then why the mandate of the loveliest we not waste by sending them to institutions, to dormitories, to school before the aqilbaligh (maturity) they arrived.

If so, then what is in our mind of the mandate of the loveliest and the opportunity for eternal happy in the afterlife? If so, then what we will be accountable before Allah on their education? Do institutions, dormitories and schools will be held accountable in the hereafter?

If so we still expect paradise from the prayers of our children, when they were held to a third party who ill be held accountable and the slightest doubt about his prayer is granted? Is not the age when they entrusted it remains our responsibility?

Is not that prayer being said by those believers who would be more acceptable blood-borne Allah?

Any who believe in the Quran know the answer. Even nurture orphans should also be in the arms of a family that not only disantuni intact, let alone a child of perspicuity became full responsibility of his parents.

Look at the face shaded our children when they were asleep, the next few years these faces will be turned into a face adult equivalent to us, then we do not have another chance to correct the character which has been formed, let alone enhance their morals.

So what we are responsible before Allah on the characters that have been formed earlier? Are we capable of leaving the hands of our responsibilities in the afterlife?

Mom and dad, let us educate our children with hand, heart, eyes, ears, oral ourselves. Build a Home Education is not an option, but the duty of every parent who believe, it does not require an explanation and proof again.

Basically, our children will live longer than us, even though they could have gone before us called the Creator (God). In undergoing his future later – that without us – our children will remember us.

Our children need to create an impression of memories and images that good, positive, sincere, loving and full of their past with her parents, it was all so strong they face the future alone when they are adults.

And it was only obtained in a short period of first 15 years of his life, which was given by his parents with the sincere and honest irreplaceable by anyone.


by Bekti Hermawan | Harry Santosa | Rumah Akal Foundation