Fitrah Based Education #3

Fitrah Based Education #3. Surely no-one children who pray and hope was born into the world in a state of naughty and nasty.

If you could see the cruel faces terrible children and adolescents who brawl, or look at the face glazed and blank stares children depression and drug addicts, or see the souls adolescent confusion through the eyes confused and frustrated them behind the laughter and the jokes are meaningless.

Then be honest if they want meant to be? Then be honest if God wills evils for the servant of God? Then be honest, if it was their sin that they so?

Indeed, they are the victims of negligence of our parents, they are victims of obsession and frivolity baneful their good nature. Remember that they used to be tiny babies are cute, like a smile, laughter and tears melt the heart of anyone. Then how could later these babies became violent, unruly and nasty?

Indeed, every child born in a state of fitrah. Indeed also that God will not change all the good nature that is within them to the environment, the education system, and parents do reckless “knowingly” change so injured, compromised, or buried forever.

Our children are not our white paper which can be stuffed with just as much writing and will, instead! Our children are the hidden pearls that must be purified and made aware of the unique beauty of pearls which they are destined by God to have it. Pearls that do not need sharpening, just need to put in place appropriate and sparkling light so that the light is perfect. A kind thought to God.

Do not be careless with diverse stuffing pearl imitation substance with the intent to be more beautiful. No need. These pearls need only accompanied, touched by the sincere love, and put in place and the right angle so that the light is beautiful phosphorescent glow enveloped the world to spread the benefits of grace. It becomes conditioning our eyes, as our prayers of heredity that good.

So, rest assured that the pearls will be more beautiful when assembled with pearls. Pearls will sink into the mud of black goo. Rest assured that good spirits will be docked in rows towards glory. Then correct any of our nature, purify our nature before we purify the nature of our children through education.

Indeed, what came out of good nature will be accepted by the nature of that kind. What came out of a clean heart and peace will arrive on the green carpet clean heart and peace. What only of mouth alone, it will stop in the ears only.

Let us think, who is in the earth being the most pleasure purify themselves for the sake of our children? I’m sure you can honestly answer.


By Bekti Hermawan | Harry Santosa | Rumah Akal Foundation