Fitrah Based Education #5

Fitrah Based Education #5. What is left of a household or family with no educational activities in it? Is our house only a vacuum where to eat and sleep as well (sorry) bathing and toileting?

As Quraan will illuminate our homes to read and explore, then a household or family with educational activities will also be filled with light.

A home without education activities in it, like a dull and dark room because in it there is no process of exchanging the light which is a process to educate and be educated, no advice to each other awake and aware, nor no joy and trust for one another grow and nurtured.

A home is not just a collection of physical withdrawal livestock barns, but he completely over to a collection of soul, heart and mind.

What would happen if the minds and hearts of the fathers day is mind about work and office and hobby issue was brought to the house who barged right to education of children and families?

What would happen if the minds and hearts are thoughts and feelings about work and school issues were brought to the house, which is taking over the rights of parents to educate?

Then what would happen anyway if the thoughts and feelings of the mother is everyday thoughts and concern about work and office problems and everyday home that never end.

Of course there must be a parent who has a mind and a desire to educate at home, but unfortunately discourse and discussion about education is not a discussion about the authenticity of an education.

Education for many families is about school work that is brought into the house, then the school arbitrarily gave the name of the job as a chore instead of schoolwork. Though different between school activities and home activities. That’s a lot of school activities barging activity noble house that has existed since thousands of years ago.

Our mindset about the meaning of educational success is the meaning of success in the form of popular schools, ranking, diploma and degree that replaces the true meaning of educational success is to realize the role of the creation of the earth and provide many benefits for others and the universe.

Meaning of socialization of children often dimaknakan with the presence of meaning with friends age in a classroom all day, which replaces the meaning of social relations among broader age.

Meaning more frequent dimaknakan learning activities spent learning materials and exam preparation, replacing the true meaning of learning to be yourself completely.

Meaning about a study that has always given the stigma that the best place to learn only at school, replacing all learn better place on earth.

Father mind daily about their children’s education is to provide cost as much as possible in order to attend school full height. The mind of a child’s daily education is complete homework as soon as soon as possible and as much as possible, and then to college as high as possible.

Mother mind daily about education is to make sure the father to provide for school fees and make sure the child time to attend school full-time children and full-time prior to maturity upon arrival.

What actually intended by those who were married when the study explain that? What does it mean a desire to educate if no tangible activity to educate their own children with true education is all about?


by Bekti Hermawan | Harry Santosa | Rumah Akal Foundation