Great Math Websites for Students of Any Age 1

Teach Mathematics

Teach Mathematics is a cool site for math teachers and students with lessons and activities aimed at helping students to improve their math skills. The math levels on this site seem targeted to 3rd grade to high school level learners.Whether you are teaching fractions, algebra, geometry, or statistics, then there are lessons and tools for you. The site has 15 pages of useful tools and materials that both teachers and students will enjoy.



Easy Calculation

This site contains a huge collection of useful calculators for any math based situation. From addition to calculus to calculating mortgage payments, you can find it here. The site also has a tool to create graphs and charts, tools to convert measurement, and even a math glossary. You will also find health calculators, tools to help calculate dates, and even ways to perform math short cuts. In short, this site is overflowing with useful tools for school and beyond.


i Practice Math

i Practice Math is a free site that helps students to improve their math skills with lessons, online worksheets, and quizzes. The site is currently set up for students in grades 1 through 9 with materials for 10-12 in the works. Users can sign up individually or teachers can sign up and then add their students later. The site even allows teachers to generate reports to help monitor student progress. The site is categorized by topic and grade level for easy navigation.


Brain Genie

Brain Genie is extension of the CK-12 website and is based around improving math knowledge and skills. The site is intended for all grade levels and has thousands of lessons, games, and videos to guide students whether they are learning addition or pre-calculus. The site is free to join and will keep track of student progress and even provides reports, assignments, a gradebook, and awards. This site is a fantastic resource for students to use and teachers to share.


Math Fights

Math Fights is a very cool website where players duel one another with math as their weapon. You can choose from a variety of heroic or villainous looking avatars and then have the option of choosing your opponent or an opponent can be found for you. Each match consist of 5 math questions with a winner declared based on your answers and speed. This site is a terrific way for students to practice their math skills while having a whole lot of fun.


See the MATHFIGHT video below: