Do not Often Learn

Do not Often Learn. Experts say, children who are too pumped learning by parents often become less creative and fear of being wrong. In addition, when every day we force children to learn, the child will lose the passion to explore.


In general, parents want their children to become great and be the best. This desire is natural, just often do not realize is that if we demand that the child meet our expectations, so we are often forced him to learn. Learning activities to be unpleasant, our children become depressed and upset. If it’s like this condition, whether “Abundant Energy” to our children can be expected to increase?

Since education experts found that important in the first 5 years of a child’s development stage, many parents are teaching children from the very beginning. This is certainly a positive attitude, unfortunately, there are many parents who consider should teach reading, math and writing. Though the teaching of reading and writing is done early is not a lot of benefits. Actually, what is important is to develop the foundations of the child’s thinking.

Why do parents often force children?

There are several reasons why parents often force children to learn or achieve certain educational level. There is a parent teaching a child for the good of the child, there is also a mother who makes a tight study schedules because they feel guilty often leave the child. He considers the tight schedule synonymous with quality time.

There are parents who see live competition is getting harder, so education is very important. They often force children to study hard, they put children to the best schools, the best teachers are looking for, and find the best job. Meanwhile, they themselves forget that the child also needs a normal life. Parents who take pride in the profession and career, often forcing children to follow in his footsteps. There are also parents who want their children to be more successful than her and grabbed aspirations that never dreamed of before.

Many of the parents who consider should encourage children, if not aqueous eliminates the chance that must be achieved by the child. They consider it could make children smarter again. They assume that if children become professors or young piano player, meaning they are successful parents.

By Bekti Hermawan | Rumah Akal Foundation