Why Math Unpopular

Why Math Unpopular. Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget said first that explores the fact that children pass through different stages in their learning can reach these stages at different ages. But every child goes through a phase similar to the same sequence.

That’s the key! Why all this time mathematics include subjects that are not attracted many students? Try banyangkan: around the world, in any country, 7 x 8 always produces 56. Everywhere 7 + 8 x 9 always result 79. But why are there some students answered 7 + 8 x 9 that 135? You see the same, but the result is different!

This experience will shorten the process of mastering arithmetic so expect every student to learn it, including us and our children, will get the best strategy that applies to everyone! No need years to learn and master. Quite a few days. Maybe 5 or 7 days !. That means that less than one month!

Arithmetics Experience this method will tell us and our children that to master the process of counting only the required seriousness and the right strategy. And it is generally accepted. That is, this method can be used repeatedly for children with different abilities. So expect every student will have the same acceleration in mastering this arithmetic.

Actually, the math is complicated and difficult. However, if there is a method that enables him to be more easily why do not we use at home and school that method?

Keep the spirit! Arithmetics Experience will show us and our children strategic steps in mastering arithmetic. And once again, we only require 5 to 7 days to master it!

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